All you need to know about being your own boss

Being your own boss is one of the biggest and bravest actions that you’ll likely ever take. However, this isn’t for everybody. Some people miss the safety and security that working in a real job provides them, and they just don’t have the motivation and entrepreneurial spirit to keep going. If you know that you do have these things, then you could potentially become your own boss - take a look at a few things you should know before taking the leap below

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Set Actionable Goals

Start by setting actionable goals. The best goals are always specific and written in a way you can take a clear action on them, such as ‘make X amount of money by doing X in X months’ you can track this, you have a way of measuring whether you’re achieving your goals, and you have a clear deadline. Setting goals that are vague and wishy washy will not get you anywhere.


Your goals should resonate with you and motivate you, so really sit down and take the time to think about them and write them out.




Having A Dedicated Work Space will Help You To Get Work Done

Your workspace should be designed in a way that helps you to get stuff done. Only you know what helps you to focus and motivates you, so think about it. The following are all thought to help productivity:

  • Plants and flowers
  • Natural light
  • Vision boards
  • Personalization

However, you need to make sure your work space is in the right place. You might struggle to work from home, so working in a co-working space might be more suited to you instead.




Getting Dressed Helps You To Get Into the Zone

People think that working for yourself is great because you never have to get out of your pyjamas. However, this isn’t a good idea if you want to get motivated and get some real work done. The fact is, what you’re wearing can greatly affect your mindset. If you’re lounging around in pyjamas all day, it’s unlikely you’re going to get everything done. If you wear clothes that make you sit up a little straighter and focus a little more, you’ll do a better job.




There Are Numerous Ways You Can Make Money

So, you’ve started your hustle, and you want to make as much money as possible. Being your own boss is rife with insecurity, especially at the start, so don’t rely on one way to make money. Of course you’ll have your main money maker, but you could even look into mlm companies as a way to make more money, affiliate links, or placing adverts on your Blog/Vlogs. There are all kinds of ways you can make more money.




You Need To Set Clear Boundaries With Other People

Other people need to know that you’re not just available 24/7 now you’re your own boss. Set clear boundaries!




Never Stop Learning

The worst thing you can do as an entrepreneur and business owner is stop learning. When you stop learning, you stop growing!



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