4 Things You Can Do As A Blogger That Can Earn You Money

For most, their blog is simply a glorified diary so that in the future, they can look back upon memories of their travelling experiences, their children growing up, their financial past, or even their home improvement processes. And that’s great! Having digital memories that you enjoyed creating is a wonderful pass time but for some, their blog is a source of income. But how can you make money from blogging? It’s not actually as difficult as you think and today, we’re going to give you 4 things you can do as a blogger that can earn you money.

Accept sponsored posts

As a blogger, you may have already had external companies contacting you to publish an article or piece of content on your blog, and it’s a great way of ensuring your readers have valuable content and also keep them interested in your blog. However, did you know that you can charge for this service? When companies approach you, you’re actually able to ask them for compensation in return for publishing their content. The amount you get will depend on the DA (domain authority) of your website, so it’s important to keep that in mind. Check out this guide if you’re not sure on how to raise your DA. Asking clients for money in exchange will allow you to begin earning a nice side profit from your blog.


Do product reviews

We’ve all seen the unboxing videos and read thousands of reviews online before buying a product, but did you know that bloggers are the main target for companies looking for product reviews? This is because bloggers have a voice and a dedicated audience that listen to them. If bloggers can influence their audiences into buying a product, everybody wins! Consider doing product reviews like Todd and Leah Rae Getts do. Another bonus of product reviewing is that more often than not, you get to keep the item in question (as well as sometimes being paid too). You may also find that companies approach you with an item to give away to your audience too, which can bring in big traffic and big pennies through your Google Adsense.


Place affiliate links

Have you ever clicked through a link on someone’s blog and it takes you straight to a product page? Those are affiliate links, and the blogger earns money per sale through the link they place on their website. If you manage to collaborate with big brands, you could receive a very nice percentage of each sale they make with your link! Remember that you cannot and must not be seen persuading people to buy the products in question.

Sell your products


Finally, whether you’re blogging about your baking or you’re giving people advice on how to improve their home, sell your information! People are coming to you for valuable information that they may not have found elsewhere. Write an ebook and sell it on your blog for another fantastic way of earning money as a blogger.



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